The Commissioners

In 2010, students from the senior grades of a wide selection of Frankfurt’s secondary schools will play an important role in the city: they will become delegates for the project and will present their ideas and decisions to the public. Exploring the city will be a central part of their task. As the representatives of their school or parish, the students will be actively involved in their city and will learn a great deal about the Rossmarkt in the process. Freed from everyday school routine they will get a chance to unfold their creative skills, and be given an insight into the work not only of a variety of experts in several different fields but also into that of an internationally-respected artist. Independent thought and a feeling of communal responsibility will be encouraged. Students will also give talks and report back on their experiences to their school or parish.    

The Workshop

During the project, students will meet experts from a variety of professions in a series of workshops. Such an intellectual and creative interaction should then foster fertile discussion on the function of the public square. The task will be to understand and explore the concept of the site in depth, as well as to draw up utopian and realistic ideas on how the people of Frankfurt can find a new meaning for the square. Various forms of media, including film, video, dance, music, sound and language , drawing and experimental building of models will be used during the project.


29. April 2013, 7 p.m., Roßmarkt:

“Im schönen Monat Mai....”
ROSSMARKT³ concert for the citizens with soprano Esther Bürger and baritone Björn Bürger, accompanied on the piano by Ekaterine Kinsurashvili, in honour of gelitin’s tree and the spring awakening.