gelitin for Rossmarkt³ 2012/2013
ROSSMARKT³ is a sculptural project that is expected to run over a period of three years on the Rossmarkt, a public square in the centre of Frankfurt. Each spring, an internationally renowned artist will be chosen to create an artwork for the square. The work of art will be displayed for at least six months.

ROSSMARKT³ is based on a new form of social participation, under which the people of Frankfurt will decide themselves on what works of art are to be displayed in one of the city’s public areas. Every year, a group of citizens will be elected to represent the people of Frankfurt and, with the help of the curator will choose and employ an artist for the project. 


29. April 2013, 7 p.m., Roßmarkt:

“Im schönen Monat Mai....”
ROSSMARKT³ concert for the citizens with soprano Esther Bürger and baritone Björn Bürger, accompanied on the piano by Ekaterine Kinsurashvili, in honour of gelitin’s tree and the spring awakening.